Thursday, December 15, 2011


Well, we got the paperwork all together and sent it to the USCIS! The clock starts ticking...hopefully fast!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Home Study DONE

We met with Kathi Turner yesterday and the home study is now behind us. Kathi arrived at around 11 am and we finished up at roughly 8 pm. Deana and I were both nervous and our nerves settled down shortly after Kathi's arrival. The completion of the home study is a HUGE step. Prior to this, the adoption was merely pictures and wishful thinking. Now the adoption is becoming concrete. The home study was a great experience and it gave us the opportunity to really look at our expectations. We talked about the what ifs and what happens when. We talked about life after the adoption. Now we will wait with anticipation for the home study report. We are looking forward to the I600a.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

November 5th

We have rescheduled our home study for November 5th. The fundraising is going great! It started off slow, but it seems to be gaining momentum.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rain Delay plans will go....the home study plans had to be changed. Finances, schedules etc all of these factors and more. I hope we will get back on track. We are praying for a great July.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lower Center of Gravity

Don't know where this came from.... but why do some tightrope walkers carry that big stick? You know the one I am talking about. It looks like it is 20 feet long and it bows from the middle toward the ends like a frown. It seems difficult enough just to walk across the rope. Nope, they string the rope between the tops of the two tallest buildings. Then, they step out onto the rope carrying that big stick and off they go. I googled it and, the stick is weighted on both ends. It helps to lower the walkers' center of gravity. The lowered center of gravity enables them to maintain balance and stay centered on the rope. This may be a stretch, but day to day life is like walking on a tightrope and maybe what helps us maintain balance, stay centered, are those around us. Maybe our family, friends and most importantly God are our equivalent of the big stick. When the wheels begin to come off and the tightrope walker begins to loose his balance the first thing to go is the big stick. Then he begins to windmill his arms and the dance begins. At this point making it all the way across is a long shot. Maybe the best chance for us to make it all of the way across, from here to there, from day to day, is to hold on and stay centered.